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(ENG) Today marks the 10th anniversary of Architecture for Humanity. You read that right; it has been ten years since we first invited building professionals to design like they give a damn.These days when I look at the diversity and range of work on the Architecture for Humanity project board, it can feel overwhelming. But it only takes a moment to be reminded why we do this work - a thankful hug from a client, an ingenious detail that allows clean drinking water or a project that galvanized a community. Design truly has the power to bring people together. Today, Architecture for Humanity is a truly global organization. Our network includes 40,000 professionals and 70 chapters in 28 countries. Collectively more than 700,000 people are living, teaching, healing and gathering in buildings designed by Architecture for Humanity design fellows, chapter members and volunteers. Cameron Sinclair . Co-Founder and Eternal Optimist - 06.04.2009 LRO