(ENG) Nature has been working forever, what challenges us now is finding how it will keep working forever. Intelligence has brought us to a point at which we have at hand an array of technical solutions that can either deprive or provide us with comfortable, culturally rich living conditions. The way we arrange such devices will ultimately make all the difference. In this project we aim at recognizing how natural cycles work and replicate them; as a vast strategy, as a way to organize space, and as a model to technical solutions that are incorporated. As a paradigm we chose the hillside, for it is one of the most diverse systems in nature. To this complex program, as well as to what is human interaction, one large single approach could never be tuned to meet all requirements. So, the space is organized as valleys, slopes and hilltops, to maximize solar gain, views and productive surfaces. The final goal of this project is not to build a physical structure, but rather set the means for a community to inhabit it. Not counting on people that will dwell here is only seeing half of the equation. This project intends to bring Dallas up to date, as well as aims to forward Dallas to the world as a paradigm of a solution to other cities facing the same problems. All sustainable projects have to be a compromise between what we receive and what we deliver to others, so in more than one sense we are Forwarding Dallas.
Main project strategies:
+ Open green spaces including wooded paths and interior courtyards as well as a green roof for agricultural production
+ Green houses on top floors
+100% prefabricated construction system integrating building materials from local sources + Housing options from studio apartments to three bedroom flats fit to accommodate 854 residents
+ Combination of photovoltaic and wind power providing 100% of the energy needed for residents
+ The Southwest façade for the solar gain in a Venetian Blind concept which adjusts according to the season
+ The Northeast façade is made entirely from thick, high thermal mass straw bales which provides added insulation + Water permeable paved areas to prevent pooling and flooding