Architecture & Inclusion 14.04 > 06.06.2010 Jaroslav Fragner Gallery Prague . Czech Republic The exhibition will present contemporary European architecture, reflecting on the social issues of a society in the 21st century. This is a joint project of the EUNIC Cluster Czech Republic, where about 10 EU countries will present a variety of approaches and perspectives, possible solutions and ideas on social and cultural inclusion and integration. This exhibition can function as a statement of our involvement and interest in the development of urban and social environment in Europe, make new links for further networking and laying contacts among European architects, working on projects related to inclusion in architecture. This project originated in the framework of the European Year of Inclusion and Fight Against Poverty. The participating countries are Portugal, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme including lectures, presentations, debates and workshops.