"Staro Riga" - Light Festival | 18.11 > 21.11
Long Streets For Short Stories

(ENG) MOOV is in the cast of STARORIGA 2010 to present the urban installation Long Streets for Short Stories, developed with the artist Miguel Faro, this time in Riga. This artistic presentations series consist in adding to the urban landscape, along one street, some light elements with single isolated sentences that play with the bidirectional way we feel a street.
The sentences are real isolated statements from antagonic groups of individuals. In this case artists and serial killers formulate together two different stories according to the path direction you take.
“Art is always developing and finding fresh forms of expression. Artists seek new ways to address audiences. The city is an optimal space for modern art; in an urban environment, works of art can speak to far more people than they do when displayed in more traditional settings. Contemporary art can reach diverse groups of people and cut across socio-economic boundaries, and it can transform the urban environment as well.
STARO RIGA – is a festival of light lasting several days. The exhibits transform the cityscape by applying the latest in lighting and video technology to different objects in various locations. The works of art are buildings, squares, bridges, monuments, and other parts of the urban environment. These can be appreciated both up close and from afar, as part of the cityscape as a whole. These works of art in light are supplemented by performances, musical and theatrical events, and the interactive involvement of the audience. The long-term concept of the festival is to make Riga glow during the darkest time of the year, creating a festive atmosphere not only for the residents of the city but also for everyone in Latvia and visitors to the country. "