(ENG) "After primary needs are addressed, Architecture for Humanity will move to support those local Japanese architects and building professionals who want to contribute their own time and expertise in the rebuilding efforts. We will direct resources to help professionals protect and preserve cultural and historic structures and provide services to communities that would otherwise not have access to their expertise.

Below is an initial timeline that outlines our participation in Japan’s reconstruction efforts. This will continue to evolve and grow.
Next Six Weeks
1. Support the #honyaquake movement with global translators
2. Distribute lessons learned [underway]
3. Engage Our Network of Building Professionals [underway]
4. Assist in raising funds for design services and construction [underway]
Six Weeks to Nine Months
5. Pre-Planning Assessments and Damage Analysis
6. Identify key projects and begin design and development process
7. Assist housing agencies as residential planning begins
Focus and Team
Our team will focus on providing a suite of design and construction services as well as construction financing for small 'urban acupuncture' centers; Transitional Shelters, Health Clinics, Community Structures, Schools, Hospitals and Civic Structures. To implement these goals we will be interfacing with our Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka chapters as well as a number of Japanese architects and professional associations in our global network.
If we need to we will broaden our reach to our entire network. Thanks to long term supporters and individual donations we now have the resources to start this process.
As always, we believe in open source. So if you want to do your own thing and like it, steal this plan. If you like it but think it needs improvement, comment below.
Thank you."