(ENG) We start to have a ritual in the office since we won the competition in 2009 to design the Festival centre OF the Belluard Bollwerk International in Fribourg with our proposal Kitchain. Every April, since then, arrives an email from the direction of the Festival asking for a new layout to the next edition.

For this year, we divided the tables layout in two areas: a cooking and eating area and a lounge and bar area. As we believe that Arsenal has a great potencial to host complementary actvities such as films screening, performances, lectures, etc,  we leave an empty space between this two areas to let extra activities to happen.  We are now trying to convince the festival to build a small grandstand for about 15/20 seats that can be moved around the space according to the events.
For this year we also introduce what we call a "Japanese corner". A lounge area where people can eat, drink and talk seated on pillows.Technically, it is made by the flat table units adjusted with a wooden piece of about 42cm from the floor. 

Over the last years we noticed that many people like to enjoy the grass near by the Kitchain, so we planned a big table there, where people can also eat and gather there. This table, as the japanese corner, is made by 2 flat table units adjusted with a wooden piece of about 42cm from the floor, allowing eating at the table while you are seating on the grass!

Until now, Kitchain has been a great adventure where we have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people and reinvent our proposal each new Festival edition. We hope to continue to surprise the people, offering new solutions with the same furniture and to continue to have a lot fun in the process.

Below the two previous layout and, in first hand ,this year's layout.