(ENG) "(..) Art should provide a physical and imaginary space where people can take a step back, away from the corporate, the commercial and the educational, to exchange and engage with each other. (…)"
by IMAGINE 2020 Website / About Us

The IMAGINE 2020 first Summer Lab occurred in a Big Brother kind format where artists and scientist lived, ate, talked, discussed, worked, drank and sometimes even drunked organic wine together at Domaine d’O, Montpellier.

With no bullshit, getting the focus where it should be and bringing us back to a down to earth situation, we all left our day to day habits and practices making us look to other and to our own work from outside, revealing an all new range of perspectives.

This really activated a link to get information flowing between the two groups, in order to achieve in future mutual and complementary interests on each other’s practices with a plainness and proximity never before possible.

After 4 intense days, we brought home a pack of business cards and portfolios to phone around whenever a necessity of data flow is needed, according to a specific project aiming to use them, above all interests, as change catalalisers.

We hope to keep feeding this bidirectional data links in a way that, from now on, we can all work as Domaine D’O and Imagine 2020 satellites.