(ENG) Experimenta Design Biennale in Lisbon is approaching the end and there are two exhibitions that you shouldn´t miss. If you are around and have the opportunity go and have look at

1 OCT - 27 NOV
Fundação Arpad Szènes-Vieira
Jardim das Amoreiras
Mãe d'Água

"Since the dawn of time, man’s greatest dreams, challenges and, ultimately, accomplishments have materialised in works of infrastructure. From Babylonian hydraulics to the geoengineered archipelagos of the twenty-first century, great infrastructural works represent the apex of design complexity and achievement—and often, by virtue of their sheer magnitude, the most tangible expression of a culture’s development, ambition and might. Canals, power plants, fortifications, reclaimed lands, particle accelerators, aqueducts, suspension bridges, dams: infrastructure is justifiably held up as the register of society’s collective accomplishment and the historical benchmark of its leaders’ enlightenment."
29 SEPT - 27 NOV
Antigo Convento da Trindade

“Fernando Brízio: Inhabited Designs” constitutes the first retrospective of one of the foremost Portuguese designers of today. His consistent and consciously crafted production, exhibited and published both nationally and internationally, hinges upon the challenging relationship between object and user, and the creation of multi-dimensional projects that evoke several functions and readings. This exhibition provides an intimate and unconventional look at this designer. Encompassing the entire period of his professional activity since 1993, it presents several projects in different stages of development and their respective creative processes, but also biographical notes, documentary interviews (conducted by his daughter, director Salomé Lamas), films that inspire him and books. Thus, the exhibition features multiple formats such as animations, original drawings, catalogues, photographs, models, and, of course, objects. It also incorporates video content and texts by experts from different areas."