(ENG) The fundamental concern that guided the decision process from the start was how to produce a solution that is at the same time environmentally responsible, functional, cost effective and iconic. The circular shape of the building aims at giving a positive response to all of the above.
The circular form recalls ideas that have always been associated with it such as continuity, regeneration, balance, and centrality. It evokes movement and, at the same time, summons the idea of place to meet, to gather.

The radial disposition of individual spaces allows taking full advantage of the landscape in all 360 degrees, and the functional distribution of the program, set in array around an inner circular patio, where people can gather. Under the single continuous gesture of the large roof surface are generated distinct spaces, from totally enclosed rooms, to fully open spaces, suiting each space to its function according to the program.
The building is lifted from the ground, leaving the terrain topography untouched, reducing to almost none the need for excavation or land filling. The natural flow of rain water is also preserved. That also allows air to move under the construction, cooling it, and gives the building a more prominent presence, as a landscape reference.
This project not only preserves the locations and offers living conditions to its dwellers as is also enhances the actual natural conditions, by regenerating the plot.


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