(ENG)  Our project Kitchain will be part of the Artfact Festival that will take place in the city of Leuven, Belgium between 14 and 23 of February.  The Kitchain   is a construction consisting of a large number of foldable tables and benches that can be assembled into different structures, depending on the space. It also contains 3 kitchenettes and a grill.  The concept was developed for the Belluard Festival and every year since 2009 is assembled on the festival main venue.

In the Artfact Festival version you can to queue for a delicious ready made dinner, cooked by the STUK catering team, or you can cook for yourselves with friends or strangers at a do-it-yourself table. The STUKcafé, courtyard and artist kitchen (normally a backstage area) will become a meeting point for Artefact and Kulturama visitors, artists and the STUK team. Key words are social contact, sustainability, creative design and, above all, loads of fun.
Some evenings you can make a reservation to cook and dine with some of Artefact's artists and guests (Sarah Vanhee, Rudi Laermans, ...). Booking starts on 1st of February.

+ info: Artfact Festival  /  Kitchain