(ENG) The Do-It-Yourself KITCHAIN is officially open and what a great start!
At one kitchenette the artists Sarah Vanhee & Kristien Van den Brande and two persons who joined them...who are actually the cooks of a very famous restaurant in town!! At the other kitchenette the Kitchain team - us, Thomas and our guest Yari. We had to challenge ourselves with radicchio, fennel, beans, aubergine, figs, almonds, chicken, tempeh and other many delicious things! The two kitchenettes gave each other advices, shared ingredients and cooking skills and, of course, got to know each other! It's really nice to see two professional cooks at work at the KITCHAIN kitchenette! You can see but, unfortunately, you cannot smell our first Do-It-Yourself KITCHAIN night! Tomorrow there is more! Come!