(ENG) On Saturday, we had the pleasure to spend a wonderful KITCHAIN evening with Davis Freeman, his daughter, or as he introduced her to us “my assistant” and other 6 guests! The evening started with “Promises” and we need to explain this concept a little bit: it’s a really simple and great idea, he asks people to make promises that will contribute to a more sustainable world, like: “You promise you will take a shower just for 2 minutes for 1 week… You promise you will buy just second-hand clothes for 1 month...” and so on… If people agree they sign a paper and they will get a badget…and a free shot of vodka! Us and many people eating at the KITCHAIN made promises and the atmosphere was great! We also played a multiple choice quiz related to the environment and after a delicious shortbread, made by Davis daughter, we ended up singing a karaoke version of “I will always love you”! Thanks a lot Davis!