(ENG) We had teamed with GPOD to produce Game Changer. The aim of our proposal, is to show that change is at everyone's reach, and that we all have the tools needed for being active agents of change.

The theme of sports seemed ideal for 2 main reasons: 1 - its collaborative essence; 2 - everyone knows sports very well. The idea is to have groups of people actively taking part on a system they know so well - the game, which we change in ways that it can almost be played as everyone knows it, but not really! Consequently, every player individually and as a group, will have to refrain it automatic knowledge of the game, and go back to learn about it in order to  play it.

More than the sports we chose to work on our proposal, the location in town as well as the way we chose to have them represented in the urban space, were the two driving forces guiding the creative process. Also as agents of change ourselves, we decided to intervene in spaces where the need for a successful negotiation with the current use of a given urban area, being it a street, a parking lot or a square, would be a determinant point for the success of the installation. For this we also rely on the help of the eventual players which by wanting to play those games we propose, will help us on achieving that negotiation. 

The urban spaces chosen, having primary functions perfectly defined in urban terms, being temporarily misused by the introduction of a new sportive functionality, will become a natural invitation for the population to think about the potential of their neighborhoods and how they can evolve. The deliberate choice of going towards the periphery of the city, meaning going away from the obvious urban areas where cultural events take place, aims at emphasizing the notion that everyone can be an active agent of change - a game-changer.