“UMA – Ultra Maratona Atlântica” 
Directed by Carlos Gomes and Fran Lopez Reyes
Photography by Miguel Robalo
Original Soundtrack by Ricardo Webbens

(ENG)  'UMA – Atlantic Ultra Marathon, is a 43km marathon passing through the sandy beaches of Tróia, a Peninsula in the south of Portugal. This coast, one of the wildest, with the least human intervention in Europe, is the set for a unique competition with an impressive record of 2h 51m. 
A territory of rare natural beauty, with a coastline stretched along the Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see. For the majority of the athletes, the only objective is to reach the end and to inscribe in their bodies that distance, which defines, in itself, the whole territory. 
The installation constructs a scenographic memory of the territory following the choreographies and the routs of the athletes. The triptych works as an intensifier, enlarging possibilities of perception and forming a horizon of image, immersing the viewer in the psychological time of the journey.'