(ENG) Our project Kitchain will be part of the exhibition Devir Menor that will open next saturday June 16 in the city of Guimarães. We will give a small talk about the project integrated in the pre-opening programme of the exhibition.

Devir Menor  explores projects sensitive to the specificity of contextual conditions, often using other tactics to the traditional methodology of architecture and making a social and economic operative critique, committed on transformation and on revitalization of its context. The architectural project acquires a proximity to everyday life and a processual nature, the modalities of relation with the context change the project itself and the work becomes reflexive and relational. These works are close to cultural practices, characterized also by a particular reconciliation that defies the global and local; they have a strong spatial component and use, among others, techniques of materials recycling, reuse of existing resources, the do-it yourself, or experiment various work modes. The project´s concept is a collaboration between Inês Moreira (architect and curator) and Susana Caló (philosophy researcher and editor)

The exhibition consists of a spatial immersive installation that explores the potential of the drawings, registers, videos and pictures of the invited participants, privileging an informal and intuitive relation with the public. It also presents a selection of 50 reference publications, as well as documental materials and essays produced especially for the project. The installation will establish a dialogue with the building of Sociedade Martins Sarmento, a proeminent building in the city of Guimarães, designed by the architect Marques da Silva.

New projects:
Iconoclasistas + Bernardo Amaral + Paulo Moreira (Argentina + Portugal)
Paulo Tavares (Brazil and United Kingdom)
Mario Ballesteros (Mexico)

Authors / collectives:
Al BordE arquitectos (Ecuador)
Ángela Bonadies + Juan José Olavarría (Venezuela)
Borde Urbano consultores (Chile)
Control + z + Straddle3 + Lamatraka Cultural (Spain)
Cristobal Palma (Chile and United Kingdom)
Husos (Spain + Colombia)
Iconoclasistas (Argentina)
Blaanc + Rootstudio (Portugal + Mexico)
José Luis Uribe Ortiz (Chile)
Louise Marie Cardoso Ganz (Brazil)
Maria Luz Bravo (Mexico)
Monica de Miranda + Artéria Arquitectura (Portugal)
Moov (Portugal)
La Panaderia (Spain)
Plano B (Portugal)
Supersudaca (Latin America)
Todo por la Praxis (Spain)
Tomás Garcia Puente (Argentina)
Urban Think Tank (Venezuela)

+ info: www.devirmenor.com