(ENG) We have finally landed in the office after a few days in the spainish city of Valladolid. We went there to take part in the Reencuentros Ibéricos de Arquitectura. The directors of the event were the architects Francisco Mangado and Eduardo Souto Moura who commented all the works that have been presented by the six portuguese and six spanish emerging architects and offices that took part in this forum. The discussion focussed on the limits of the discipline and on the growing tendency of young architects to stretch the operative fields of architecture to different areas such as micro interventions in public spaces or the design of strategies for large territories. We had the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people and to talk with architects that, unitl then, we only knew by the name without associating a face to it. We had a great time. Thanks to Jacobo Garcia Germán, Ariadna Cantis and Maitez Rodriguez for for all the organization.