SWARS - Architecture Strikes Back*

In an increasingly mediated world, the Architect is essentially a signature. An actor presenting himself as the author of magic formulae. This signature is the skill of his success and an ace of trump in the step-by-step conquest of galactic battles. In this realm it is not the architecture that matters, but what is able to sell and emulate through the mass media system. In the wake of globalization, opportunities democratization was announced, but instead of that Empires massification came. The battle is violent – the Empire is unstable. Will the new architects-fighters be able to write a fairer story or they will just passively wait for the downfall of the throne? SWARS – ARCHITECTURE STRIKES BACK graphic novel is a reflection about contemporary architecture’s production and promotion through an epic space satire, where the paradigmatic buildings of the Empire have been transformed in spacecrafts and space stations that fight each other for galactic supremacy.
*SWARS is a project develop by MOOV and DASS
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Beyond no.3 - Trends and Fads
Short Stories on the Post-Contemporary... The third issue of Beyond speaks of historical leanings and intimate fads, private whims and future inclinations. The stories included here recall the life of buildings, readdress the philosophy of fashion, question architecture’s yearning for enduring permanence, and offer outstanding insights into how drifts and crazes influence the perception and foundation of contemporary urban landscapes.
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